Travel & Logistics

Travel and logistics when filming abroad –

  • Carnet
  • Excess baggage
  • Travel
    • Internationally
    • Within the country
  • Accommodation
  • Shipping
  • Permits
  • Location logistics
  • Communication
    • Phones
    • Post
  • Connectivity
  • Visas / A1 Certificate

Carnet is a document allowing the importation of certain goods to countries without paying customs duty.  This means that a detailed list of all equipment, props, consumables etc taken into the country must be produced.  Everything on the list must then also be taken out of the country after filming has finished.  It can be tempting to leave / sell / dispose of props in the country rather than incurring the cost of bringing it back to the UK, but if they are included in the carnet, they must be returned onto the UK , otherwise import duty may be payable.

Communication infrastructures can vary across the world.   It is important to research how communication is preferred in each country / area.  In many areas mobile phones work well, but in more remote locations satellite phones are preferred, however, care still needs to be taken as satellite phones are illegal in some countries as they are deemed to be linked to terrorist activity.  The reliability of postal systems also vary from country to country, some are not always reliable.

A1 Certificate

When UK cast/ crew are in an EU country, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, the country may need proof that they UK cast/  crew pay UK social security contributions.  This can be achieved by applying for an A1 Certificate from HMRC, as otherwise they may be required to pay social security payments locally.