Genre Specific Roles

The table gives an overview of responsibilities in different genres in production accounting.

For detailed responsibilities, see the Creative Skillset Standards at: 

National Occupational Standards

Production Categories Production Accounts Support PA Responsibilities


Continuous/ News /  Audio & Music / Radio

  • Management Accountant

Small Projects / Factual / Documentary

Low budget, low volume and low risk

  • Production Accountant,  to look after a portfolio of projects
Prepare portfolio reportsEnsure Production Managers prepare forecasts and cost reports.Oversee payments, manage payroll, petty cash and foreign currency and keep accurate financial records; help monitor budgets, and analyse costs and expenditure;
Finalise all financial records

Entertainment / Large Children’s

High volume, medium budget and medium risk

Formulaic, mainly studio based

  • Production Accountant, for length of project
As for category 2, plus:Assist to prepare forecasts and cost reports.Provide daily or weekly cost statements

Set up and maintain accounting systems,


Small TV Drama / Narrative Comedy / Large Entertainment / Docu Dramas

High volume, medium budget and medium risk

Set length / location filming

  • Production Accountant, for length of project
  • Assistant Production Accountant, for length of shoot
  • Cashier, for busy periods
As for category 3, plusCalculate finances, costing for productions, liaise with financiers, and control the cashflow.Assist to prepare budgets

Supervise Assistant


Continuous TV Drama / Drama Series (not high end)

High volume, high budget and high risk

  • Production Accountant
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cashier
As for category 4

Film or High End TV / High profile serial

High budget and high risk

  • Financial Controller for length of project
  • Production Accountant, for length of project
  • First Assistant Accountant for prep, shoot and short wrap
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cashier
  • Note – the team maybe be as large as 30 people
As for category 5, plusControl accounting, taxation and financial analysisHelp producers and executive producers to prepare original budgets and to raise finance

Consideration of  relevant tax incentive schemes