When filming abroad it is essential to leave an ‘our way is the best way’ attitude at home and to try to adjust to a different world – an international business culture.  It is easier to fit your ways of working to theirs than the other way around.

It is therefore important to do as much research as possible into how to work in that country and if possible, speak to people who have filmed in the same area for tips and lessons learnt.

Reasons for Filming Abroad

  • Requirement of the piece
  • Editorial ambition to film in the country the piece is set
  • Potential tax breaks
  • Improve the look of the production
  • Cost

Disadvantages of Filming Abroad

  • Costs – costs of travel and overnighting and cost of living could out way any other potential financial benefits
  • Risks – financial, health & safety, legal
  • Time – additional time to travel and set up filming
  • Barriers – language, culture, politics