Artists’ Payroll


  • For artists’ contracts, the actors’ union, Equity, has negotiated collective agreements for all types of artists including Stunt Performers working on productions in the following areas:
    • Pact Equity TV
    • Pact Equity Cinema Films Agreement
    • PACT Equity Walk-on Agreement
    • BBC Equity TV agreement
    • ITV Main & Walk-On Agreement
  • These agreements detail of working terms and conditions such as numbers of performances, hours, breaks, health and safety, dispute procedures, usage rights, royalties and touring etc.
  • Artists in the UK are commonly contracted on Equity contracts.
  • Prior to the contract being agreed it is likely a casting advice note (CAN) or a deal memo has been put in place. The conditions on the CAN are considered to be contracted and therefore should be studied to make sure they agree with the budget.
  • Systems must be put in place to account for all the contractual extras eg pension, overtime, rehearsals, fittings, ADR etc.
  • Equity also offers a pension scheme. Artists have the option of opting into the scheme on each contract. The Production then needs to ensure that the appropriate deductions are made and the employer’s contribution paid into the scheme.

Other Agreements:

  • In the US, artists agreements are negotiated by the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. These two unions have been merged are now known as SAG-AFTRA.
  • When engaging background artistes, stand-ins and doubles, there are agreements with BBC, ITV and FAA (The Film Artistes Association).